Rainbow Races

For the second consecutive year, London Otters Rowing Club are hosting the Rainbow Races, a celebration of inclusivity against homophobia in sport, in support of Stonewall and their Rainbow Laces campaign.

This year's event will take place on Saturday 24th November, and the theme is "It's down to you to be an Active Ally" so some of our allies in the rowing community will be coming to race side by side with us!


Saturday 24th November
Lane 2 (Airport)Lane 3 (Middle)Lane 4 (Clubhouse)
14:30Heat 1LeaLORC 1
14:50Heat 2BroxbourneLORC 2
15:10Heat 3LORC/Broxbourne
FurnivallLORC 3
15:30FinalWinner - Heat 2Winner - Heat 1Winner - Heat 3

Competitor Information

Rowers will be provided at Registration with T-Shirts specific to their seat that must be worn during the race. Colours are as follows:

1 Black
2 Violet
3 Blue
4 Green
5 Yellow
6 Orange
7 Red
8 Black

All crews to be ready at 2pm for the Welcome.

The Rainbow Races are operated under the British Rowing Water Safety Code.

Please ensure that each coxswain, rower and crew member takes the time to read and note the safety procedures and race information below, which competitors must follow during the Rainbow Races.

The Organising Committee cannot take responsibility for incidents that may occur due to competitors failing to heed this advice. We reserve the right to amend this plan during the event, if circumstances dictate.

Safety Instructions

The Rainbow Races will be run according to the latest revision of the Rules of British Rowing, the Rules of Racing and Row Safe. These instructions provide information for the duration of the Rainbow Races.

The Rainbow Races will endeavour to provide a safe environment within the above-mentioned Code, although competitors, coxswains and coaches are specifically reminded that persons using the docks do so entirely at their own risk and are solely responsible for:

  1. Their own safety, remembering that they have a duty of care to themselves and to any third party both on the water and on land.
  2. Ensuring that any equipment (e.g. boats, blades, buoyancy aids, etc.) are safe and prepared to the standards as required under the Rules of Racing and Row Safe. Any failure in this standard may result in exclusion from the event.
  3. The strict observance of the circulation pattern (see below) and the provisions of Row Safe.
  4. Deciding whether or not they are competent to use the dock in the prevailing weather conditions - this decision may be taken by the individual or with their coach/crew.
  5. Ensuring they can swim in accordance with the provisions of Row Safe.


In order that the regatta organisers are aware of any accidents, please report any incidents on or off the water to Control or to the First Aid Officer on duty.

FIRST AID facilities are located by the front of the Regatta Centre.


All boats must have secure bow balls, correctly adjusted heel restraints and watertight buoyancy compartments.
Each coxswain must wear an approved lifejacket/buoyancy aid, and know how to use it.
Marshals' inspections will be conducted and omissions may lead to the boat not being allowed to race. The prevention of rowing equipment malfunction is a competitor responsibility.

Race Information

Points to note when heading towards the start:

  1. Once boated, crews should proceed towards the 1k start in the access lane (Lane 7) with their bows pointing towards the start end of the dock, and be ready to act upon any instructions given by the Marshals, Starter or Race Umpire.
  2. Crews stationary within the access lane must be vigilant and not allow their boat or blades to encroach upon the racing lanes.
  3. When rowing to the 1000m Start Line, you MUST remain in Lane 7 at all times.
  4. Although you are permitted to cross onto the course at the 1000m mark, you must not impede other crews coming dwon the course; in particular, if other crews are rowing down from the 2000m, you must NOT turn in front of them - instead wait for them to pass before you turn and get into your lane to race.

Circulation Plan