Rowing's full of odd vocabulary. Luckily you don't have to memorise all of it. But here's a guide to some terms you might find useful. For more general questions, have a look at our FAQ.

Types of Rowing

There are two main types of rowing that we do in this club.

Parts of a Boat


Oars. But we call them blades.

Other Equipment

Types of Boat

Sculling boats and Sweep boats are named differently, which can help identify which type is which. In a coxless boat, steering is handled by one of the rowers, either using a mechanism on their footplate, or by altering the pressure of their stroke.

People in the boat

Rowers in the boat are numbered from bow to stern.

During training or manoeuvering, commands may be directed at specific groups of rowers:

The Stroke

This is a somewhat simplified version of the rowing stroke. Strangely enough it's a lot easier to learn this from a coach in an actual boat...

Other Rowing Terms


To be safe on the water, coxes and coaches use a specific set of commands to ensure no confusion and easy understanding.

On land:

On the water: